Refreshed Vision

A vision without a plan is merely a dream.  There can be no doubt that therapy business owners are going through tough times.  All of us will by now have ventured back to restart our businesses, particularly now that gyms are back open.  Having met the challenge of finding and interpreting the guidance and working out how best to see clients on site it now comes down to three key matters.

As you will see later in this article, I will briefly introduce you to our potential offer of time travel as a business owner.


The first is about giving reassurance to clients that it is safe to come to the clinic.  The second is about supporting staff members to return to work and feel, safe, and engaged in their work. Last but by no means least is rethinking your vision and direction.

The first two need careful consideration by you as the business owner.  Hopefully, you will have remained in contact with your regular clients during the lockdown.  Many clinics have been using video appointments, with varying levels of success.  In our work with therapy business owners some have been having great success with going online and running virtual clinics from home. For others, it has been a lot quieter with less conversion of appointments.

For those customers in the frequent flier category, your regular clients,  the transition back to clinic is likely to be easier. They are already familiar with your set up and have built trust and confidence in their relationships with your clinic.  Even for some, this will be a big step and require thinking through to ensure that they feel safe and have confidence in your assurances.

New Clients

For new clients who have perhaps joined you online and have never visited your clinic, they may feel differently.   Finding out what is important to them about their visit to your clinic will be important to build a level of trust and confidence.  We have been helping business owners think through this process. We have also been using our network calls to share practice with other owners.  It has been working really well over the last few months.


For many business owners just getting back to work and seeing clients coming back through the door will be a reassurance.  However, you will need much more than this to give your business stability in the future.  We have been working with owners to help them rethink their business ideas and plans. Staff and Associates will also need careful consideration. For some returning back to work will be a big step.  You want your colleagues to be at their best in your clinic and it is part of your role to provide the environment to allow them to flourish.

What do you know about your team and their experiences of lockdown?  How have they been affected and what help do they need from you to get their confidence and competence back to high performance? Look out for more content about working with your team post COVID in our future content. You can stay in touch through our website or our Facebook group.

Top Tips For Your Vision

We ran a recent webinar looking at a practical visioning process that helps people get to grips with thinking about a future vision and direction.  This sounds a bit highbrow.  In fact, it is a very practical way of helping you to visualise what you want the future to look like,  how it might feel, and what others will be saying about your successes.  We recorded the session and have uploaded it to our Facebook group. If you would like to take a look please follow this link.

We have also produced a short eBook on vision that summaries the process for those of you who prefer reading than watching and listening.  The best idea is to download the ebook and then watch the video and you get the best of both worlds. Please connect with us to get hold of a copy.

We have also introduced the concept of time travel to one or two of our clients, and no it does not involve a Tardis or a DeLorean car.  It is a guided exercise that allows you to take time out to work out the difference between success and failure in your business vision. You can find out more by connecting with us.

Live a Life That Gives You Freedom And Choice.

At Elevate Your Clinic we recognise that running a business can be a tough job. But what if you could run a successful business and have quality time in your life rather than working long hours, juggling time between clients and running the business.

As practitioners, we understand the world of physiotherapy and business ownership and have a strong track record of success. We have learned from our own mistakes and are keen to help you with the short cuts to better practice that will elevate your clinic.

Let’s Get Your Vision Connected

So, if you are interested in developing and growing your business and you want to lead a life that gives you the freedom and choice please get in touch. We love sharing our experience and knowledge with busy therapy business owners.