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our passion is to liberate the practice owner

The Elevate Group was set up with a genuine desire to help the practice owner.  Created by a combination of practice owners and industry specialists, the group brings both decades of experience and best practice from inside and outside the industry to help liberate today’s practice owner.  

Meet the founder

Andy Hosgood

Andy is a Physiotherapist turned Entrepreneur. He has set up and run private therapy clinics for the past 12 years whilst investing the last 7 years developing and improving the best business practices for the therapy industry.  He is still the Director of Summit Physiotherapy, which he set up with fellow Director Adam. Which due to the systems they created is run day to day by its management team. Andy has more of a strategy role in the company now allowing him to share his knowledge with other business owners.

Andy has had several roles consulting for businesses working in the private therapy industry world wide. Most notably is role as Business Development consultant for Movement Performance Solutions (MPS). It was during this time Andy was exposed to all the challenges that therapy businesses faced. He resonated with these business owners and begun finding solutions for these frustrations. For those who have met him or heard him speak at conferences will be aware for his passion he has for providing excellent healthcare for his clients which has shifted for his passion for helping owners create excellent healthcare businesses. Andy set up his coaching company Your Perfect Practice to facilitate this.

The Elevate Group which he is proud to see all their experience in one place to share with others.

Meet the team

Phil Badley

Leadership Coach, Team Coach, Facilitator/trainer

Phil first met Andy on an NLP Programme a few years ago and the formed a connection that has grown ever since. He shared Andy’s passion for good customer service and engaged employees.

He works with senior leaders, and their teams to improve personal, and operational performance by challenging current leadership thinking and supporting them to develop values driven, high performing working environments.

He uses a blend of coaching, facilitation, action learning, and organisation development interventions to support improved personal and operational performance by challenging current leadership thinking and helping leaders develop better habits.

Phil has previously worked at Board level and held accountability for Customer, ICT, HR, OD, and Transformation programmes. He runs a business providing leadership Coaching, OD Consultancy, facilitator/trainer, in the public and private sector delivering and supporting a range of interventions focused around change leadership and management.

Coaching business leaders
Phil has been coaching since 2004 and is particularly interested in developing values driven leaders, emotionally Intelligent leadership, the psychology of behaviour change, and building high performing teams. He helps leaders to grow capability in other team members so that one leader’s success has a systemic impact across an organisation. 

Throughout his ongoing development as a coach Phil has demonstrated the power that an effective one to one relationship can have on changing mindset and improving performance.

Clients say that Phil is approachable, engaging and easily builds rapport and trust: helping people to be at their best more of the time. He is curious, open, honest and challenging in his style, and passionate about supporting leaders to develop values lead organisations.

Phil is excited to be joining Andy and colleagues delivering the Elevate Programme

tom mccready

Tom is a former professional footballer turned financial adviser. With a highly successful sporting career spanning over a decade in the professional ranks, Tom has turned his hand to wealth management after a career ending injury.

As such, he has vast experience of working within physiotherapy businesses and with health care professionals, and has developed a strong niche of guiding those companies to a strong financial footing and into a successful and well planned retirement.

Toms new passion lies in developing relationships with health care businesses, ensuring they have clarity over their financial needs as a business and a structured wealth management plan in place, allowing them to retire before their hands or heads give up on them!

He deals specifically with profit extraction from your business, employee benefit packages, retirement planning and investment needs.

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