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The Treatment Room Podcast – Hot Topics Week 3 – November 2020

Phil and Andy bring their three hot topics from the last week at Elevate Your Clinic. This week: who is accountable within in your organisation, how to identify and define your audience and finally who is booking your appointments.    


Client Communication

Client Communication

The success of the relationship between a therapist and a client can make the difference in achieving a positive outcome from a treatment journey. Trusted relationships are developed through effective client communication.  If you are a clinic owner, the effectiveness...

Leading Through Difficult Times

Leading Through Difficult Times

Lighting Up A Room   Leadership in difficult times can be a real challenge for many of us.  This year has been tough for a lot of business owners. Running a therapy business is no exception. I often talk about a simple test for business owners and ask this...

Feeling The Pressure As A Business Owner

Feeling The Pressure As A Business Owner

A busy business owner that does not keep a keen eye on the direction, performance and sustainability of their business runs the risk of turning a good business in to a poor performing business.

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