It is an obvious question to ask I know. But…has this been a successful year,  so what is next?

Following on from Phil’s post, some of you will be heading into this festive period with a huge smile on your face. This is because you have achieved some good things this year. You can be proud of what you have achieved. Fantastic. It is important that you take some time to reward yourself and celebrate.

Success….So What is Next?

My question I often ask is what is the plan now? So my question to you is….Do you actually have a plan?

Growing a successful Physio/Therapy business is exciting. Although for many of you taking those next steps can be daunting. Fear takes over and those steps needed to take to the next stage of your business never happens. Let’s clarify that this is normal human behaviour so if this sounds familiar, give your self a break.

So what is next? There are several considerations to make when looking to improve your business.

Taking Things to the Next Level

You may already have a an idea and a plan. Fantastic. While reading this, consider all the details which your plan requires to achieve. (Also remember if in doubt ask for help).

Some of you maybe looking to take on more team members, maybe even open an another clinic, or expand your current one. For some, 2020 will be about improving operationally, refining internal systems, improving your website or upping your marketing.

What ever your grow strategy, lets great to know that things are going well for you. I love watching businesses grow and succeed.

So what considerations need to be taken into account.


Employing more team members.

This seems to be one of the greatest challenge for many small to medium physio/therapy businesses in the UK. I speak with successful clinic owners every day and this comes up daily. You must consider that you must be proactive in recruitment.

Avoid just adding one job advert out and keeping your fingers crossed. Post in many places as possible. Enquire with your network. Accept that there maybe a cost to this and lots of time needed to finding the correct person.

Another consideration is to understand why someone should choose you to work for! Please avoid your ego and expect them lining up to work for you. Make it clear in your post or job description what you offer. Sell the role to the candidates.


This maybe expanding your current clinic or getting additional premises. Either way, there are some considerations which you may need to consider. (I am using these examples because these are ones which have been overlooked, not because I feel you are not capable of working out for yourself!).

The additional time, money and risk which you take on. You need to have clarity on how you will get a return from this investment (ROI). In my experience, expansions are always stressful in the moment. There is always one “spanner in the works”, which you have to deal with unexpectedly.

Expanding is a way to create a better future for you and your families. Just make sure you are prepared for it.

Know your time scales for your ROI. Work out how many new customers you will need. Manage your risk well so you avoid affecting your current business. Keep regular attention to your numbers and important KPI’s you have in your business. Have a strategy for your marketing and understand who you are aiming it at. Understand your local community and the demand for your services.

Operational and Internal Systems

In a previous blog, I discussed that one of the internal issues we come across at Elevate My Clinic, is that the poor journey clients receive within the business. What do I mean by this? Well, when a client comes to you with acute lower back pain and their journey length is 2-3 appointments. This could be over 3-4 weeks. Still the evidence may suggest that treatment length to prevent reoccurrence is 6 + weeks.

Many business owners are shocked when they look at their average journey length stats. They market great clinical practice but actually fail to deliver on their own message. There is normally obvious reasons for this. Although, you can only change what you know needs changing.

Just by doubling the journey length to 6 sessions can provide a better client outcome and double your turnover. Win:Win.

You maybe looking at efficiency on delivery of service. Improving client experience, moving to online clinical notes, or making improvements on time efficiency.


Success is what we strive for. Once we achieve little success we are keen for more. Being ambitious is good. Although making sure you make good decision making is essential.

So what ever you are planning for the next stage of your business, please take all considerations in. Make time to plan well. Create realistic timeframes. Understand and track your KPI and numbers. Ask for help if you get stuck, you are unsure or just want an experienced coach to hold your hand along the way.

Stay Brilliant