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an opportunity for growth

The Elevate Group, are offering the opportunity for practice owners to join our group. For practice owners, the challenge of selling or exiting the business can be significant, both in terms of the knowledge of how to do it successfully, and having a network of skilled professionals capable of guiding you through the process.  Equally, when it comes to value, it’s well known that individual practices can sometimes struggle to differentiate themselves, which in turn can often affect the value the market is willing to pay given the highly fragmented nature of the UK market.  

an opportunity for growth

By joining The Elevate Group, a practice owner will benefit in a number of ways:

Being part of a group typically raise the sale value from 1-2x multiplier of gross profit to 5-10x

 Immediate access to skilled professionals who will be responsible for positioning your business ready for sale

Retain your brand and your business, only taping into The Group as and when you see fit. 

Opportunity to join a group of selected leading therapists as part of a clinical advisory group to introduce only the best programs into practices. 

Grow your profits and future sale value by participating in The Elevate Group’s world class programme. 

 If you are ready to consider selling your practice and would like to an informal discussion to understand the opportunity to join The Elevate Group further, then please contact us today.

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