Leading for Success

We ran a webinar recently about leading your therapy business successfully.  It created some interesting dialogue and some great feedback. If you missed out why not connect with us to find out more.

I talked about learning to FAIL as a leader and how POP can help you keep your focus on the business.  Curious then read on to find out more.

Difficult Boss

In the past when I have thought about bosses that I have worked for somehow, I always find it easier to recall the difficult ones rather than the one or two that I have had that really empowered me to act and to develop.

So, I would invite you whilst reading this article to think about your difficult boss.  Make a mental picture, recall the type of things that they would say to you, and recall how that makes you feel, even now after the experience.

I can still recall moments from years ago that live in my conscious memory from time to time as flashbacks triggered by an event in the moment. It can be an uncomfortable feeling to recall this part of my history.  It is usually unhelpful and a distraction to the task that I am trying to tackle, but that niggle comes back and limits my capability.

 Leading and Learning

My first pointer for success is to learn from your old boss’s mistakes.  Do not repeat history.  Sadly, many of us fall into a leadership role and only have poor examples to follow.  So, a bit like parenting we pick it up as we go along.  But, it does not have to be that hit and miss.

The shadow that you cast over everyone in your clinic affects their performance, engagement, and commitment to the success of your business.  And just like the sun’s shadow, you leave it behind you wherever you go.

The shadow stays long after you have moved on to your next challenge in your day.  Not only does the shadow stay with others but affects how they relate to others.  By this, I mean not only other colleagues within your business but also your clients.

Failing In Leadership

You will have put a lot of time, effort,  and money behind finding clients.  You want them to have a first-class experience whilst they are in your clinic and achieve their road to recovery. Have you seen our eBook on customer journey yet? Seeing Your Patient As A Customer

The attitude and behaviours experienced by the client are a reflection of how the clinician feels. As the business owner you must constantly pay attention to the shadow you cast.  This is not as easy as it sounds! I spend a fair amount of my time supporting leaders to be more in tune with their shadow.

Another old chestnut is the conversation about leadership and management.  Now in a clinic with a handful of employees, the distinction is harder to define.  The challenge for a business therapy business owner is finding time to focus upon leadership. This is because the pressure of day to day life in a busy clinic focuses attention upon the issue of the moment.  But what is leadership?

Focusing on Leadership

I define leadership as focusing upon six things

  • POP- Purpose, Outcomes, Processes.
  • Business Growth- Using business information to make informed choices and develop clear plans.
  • Business Mindset- Understanding your marketplace, spending time working on the business; ensuring you have the right mix of skills and capability in your team.
  • Roles and Responsibilities- Defining jobs and accountabilities that enable a perfect flow across every aspect of your business; having the right skills and capabilities on board to achieve your business vision.
  • Leading Change- having clarity about future direction and being confident and competent to support the team to embed better ways of achieving outcomes.
  • Coaching for Performance-Underpinning everything is a focus upon developing people, engagement, feedback systems, and a learning system that encourages FAILing fast.

Learning to FAIL is not something that comes easily to most of us.  First Attempt In Learning (FAIL).  Most of us have grown up in a world where we believe you must get it right first time or you fail! Madness! But, the fear of failure runs deep in all of us.  It has no place in our high performing clinic. Take a look at this short video

Interested in leading more effectively then why not take our short diagnostic to find out which parts of your therapy business you need to pay more attention. Click here to find the survey