Take the time to market yourself well
I speak with several owners of private therapy business every week. When I ask about the challenges they face they often mention…

I need more clients
As my role of mentor and business consultant I am always on the look out for ways that therapists can make their businesses better. I spend my time researching other companies that can help my clients and those who follow me on social media.

My aim is to help private therapist business owners succeed not just survive.

I was introduced to Malcolm Sloan and his website
This website helps the public search to find you. They use that people will search for. Language of sports and injuries rather than medical terminology and professions.

It is free for you to register on. It is easy to add content. You have the ability to describe what you do. I also have been privileged to find out that they are launching the ability to book clients for your business through the platform. Again a fantastic time efficient solution.

When I was looking through I was amazed to see how many businesses describe themselves pretty much all the same. Also, the amount that describe themselves as musculoskeletal sports injury physio’ or ‘mobile sports therapist’ or ‘sports massage’.

Differentiate yourself
Why not take the time to make it personal? “Have also done over 100 10km to marathon distance races so I fully understand the runners mindset and the associated niggles and injuries”

If you are looking to improve your leads from search then take the time to consider what your target audience will search for.

Understanding your ideal client
When you are filling in your details on sites like sportinjuryfix.com, understand what is your ideal client. In the marketing world they call it personas. This will allow you consider key words and phases which will help your search.

Some businesses can spend up to 20 hours a week doing marketing, so make sure what you do, you do well.

If you are in the sports injury field and you want people to choose you. Consider why they would. Use this detail to standout.

My advice is to block as much time as you can afford. Consider your personas. Decide what they will search for. Then when completing your details on websites like sportinjuryfix.com you use this terminology. Taking this time is called a investment. Invest your time well and you will be successful. Invest your time poorly then be prepared to just survive.

Its all about choice.