Social media has become the norm in life and for marketing your business.

Whether you are posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumbler, You Tube etc. But….is social media preventing your ‘relationship’ marketing? Social media vs in person?

By this, I mean, are you so worried about posting on social media a you feel you have to keep up with others. You forget marketing is about relationship building. The aim of any marketing is to build trust and likability enough that someone chooses to use your services.

Social media vs in person?

As a consultancy business we spend many hours each week finding solutions to business owners problems. Marketing, getting new clients and use of social media are very common ones. Often the conversation are about how they don’t have time to post. Therefore, they don’t bother. But they feel this is the only way to get more customers. The answer is, it is ONE way.

Before social media, businesses had to arrange face to face or telephone calls. This method still exists it just fallen out of trend. Some even have forgotten it exists!

Let’s be clear, I am a huge advocate of online and digital marketing including social media. My point is if you are a small business with limited time then you may need to rely on more efficient ways to attract new customers. Or outsource your digital marketing or use an efficient content site like Tor Davies’  Co-Kinetic.

If you use social media to interact with customers, post great content, engage with customers,  build trust and likability then you will be successful with this method. If you are posting, hoping to attract customers and then don’t have time to reply then I would suggest you rely on a different method for now.

Influencers versus Individuals.

On our client service masterclass, The 10 Steps to a Perfect Client Journey we explore different marketing strategies depending on where you are in your business development. Part of this is recognising the ideal customer and how to attract them. From this we must consider do we market to an influencer say a personal trainer, or after the individual them self.


the ideal customer is John an amateur triathlete who is looking to increase the distance and compete in an ironman event. He is mid 40’s uses exercise to keep fit and healthy for kids and reduce stress from work as a IT consultant.

Let’s consider the difference. Ian is a Personal Trainer and has another 3 colleagues. Each of these see 30-40 clients a week. 50% of the clients are male in mid 40’s. So building a relationship with Ian could lead to some introductions to his clients who are similar to your ideal customer. To build this relationship we need to contact Ian, invite him for a coffee and find a mutual agreement how both can benefit

We run a facebook post for common triathlon injuries. Firstly we will need to create some nice content in a blog or video format. If we want to ensure this post may reach John we will need to boost the post to fit the criteria. Then we need to hope that John sees this when he is injured. Else he may not read it as he isn’t injured or if he does he does not act on it as he isn’t injured. I believe the statistic is only about 3% of people are ready to buy your service, if you can find that 3% from your post at the right time then you can be successful.

To learn more about facebook marketing hubspot academy do a nice free training on it, here.

Therefore, if you are time poor spending time attracting influencers to help bring in new customers could be a more effective method.

New Customers, Retention and Raving Fans.

So, how does it all fit together. There is no rule for this but here is some of my thoughts.

New Customers

If you are TIME POOR then invest in a digital marketing company to help you. We recommend Physio Digital to help with this. This makes sure your website and SEO is up to date. You can even use Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to help “buy” new customers from google traffic.

Focus your effort on making good relationships with influencers who have access to your ideal clients but are non competing. Such as personal trainers, tennis coaches, hairdressers, running club chairman etc.

Social media vs in person? In person wins in this instance.

If you are TIME RICH then make sure you understand the rules of social media advertising. Take advice if needed. Make sure you create a strategy. Test and measure the success of it. Accept that there is a cost to this. Understand the return on investment for each campaign. Be prepared to create good engaging content. make sure you add a call to action so for those who like your content they can book easily from it. Set realistic timeframes. In my experience, getting customers from social media takes time. Your must be patient.

Still make time for your influencers too! These are just as important!


In my opinion, this is where social media is brilliant. Customers who already like you will hopefully follow you on your sites. You may have to remind them to do this! But, when they do social media is a great way to stay ‘relevant’ in your customers mind. It can help maintain trust, and if your content is good it will help you turn happy customers into RAVING FANS.

Social media vs in person? Social media is best for this,


When a customer shares your content or details on social media, they share it with their network. By doing this, it tells their network you are trustworthy. This holds value. I would suggest you to encourage those reading your posts to share or tag in people who they think will benefit from the content. This can ensure RAVING FANS are created.

Social media vs in person? Social media is brilliant for this.

In Conclusion

I accept that social media marketing is here to stay and can be successful for many businesses. The purpose of this post was to highlight that there are also OTHER ways to attract your ideal customers. For many of you who are still working many clinical hours, doing the majority of the jobs in your business and see posting content as ANOTHER job. Don’t stress. There are many other solutions to find more customers.

Get out and have coffee with influencers is still my favourite and most successful.

If you require any further information on any point on this, agree, disagree or just want to know more, just ask!

Thanks for reading. stay Brilliant.