At Elevate Your Clinic, we often get asked the question from therapists what is the best location for a therapy business? Should I rent a shop front? set up in a gym? or hire a room in a GP surgery? 

The location of your therapy business is important BUT the right location is multi factorial.  In our recent webinar (which you can purchase here) we explored the different factors you must consider when are choosing the right location of YOUR business. 

Trust me there are more factors than you think. In this articles give some considerations for what you should be thinking about when starting out.

Your Vision for the Business. 

Having a focused vision for your business is essential. You must have clarity to where you are looking to take the business. This will help shape up where you can start it from. Having a clear outcome of what you would like the business to become will help you keep focused and make better decisions. 

We also believe that when starting a therapy business you must be clear to why you are entering this new adventure. Business at times can be challenging. The rewards can be life changing. Do you know your why?

Your Values, Beliefs and Plan

Take some time before signing up to any lease to document your values and beliefs. These maybe the values believe is the correct way to look after customers. Or it maybe your beliefs around delivery of therapy. 

As you may have your own approach to how you feel therapy should be delivered or how a customer should be treated then this becomes part of your plan.

It also becomes an integral part of your location choice. Your location should reflect your values and beliefs towards your therapy methodology. Also match your ideal customer experience. 

Customer Journey and Experience

The customer journey is your ‘product’. If you haven’t already documented this do this before looking for a location. If you need help you can download our free ebook here. 

When creating what your customer experience you must first consider your ideal customer. In marketing terms your customer personas. 

If you are new to this. The simplest way is to think about customers you most enjoy supporting. This could be those who you get best outcomes with. Or it could be those you find rapport easiest with. It maybe those who you consider will spend the most with you! After all the goal of a business is to make profit!

On the subject of money. What are you going to charge for your services? This can also influence your choice of location. 

Finally, take some time to visualise your customer journey from the eyes of a customer. What are their expectations? What location would match theirs based upon your therapy methodology.

The Best Locations for a Therapy Business

There seems to be some popular choices therapist make when setting up. Obviously these are not exclusive.

  • Hiring a room in a gym, personal training studio or salon
  • Space in a office block
  • GP surgeries
  • Setting up at home or home visits
  • Shop front store on high street

Considerations when choosing the best location for a Therapy Business

When we did the webinar on this (you can purchase here) many where surprised about the amount of things you need to consider. Although, hopefully by now you have have a better idea of the important things.

Hopefully you are considering how to market your services? Will there be foot traffic so you can use signage or will you need to use more online strategies. What about parking? How many spaces will you require when clinics are busy?

How far will people travel to you and ease of access to you? What will be your total overheads? Can you make a profit? If so, how many customers will you need?

If you are leasing, then how do you do that and who checks it see if its legit? 

Many of these things sound common sense, it’s because it is BUT when many are excited, nervous or new to this, it can be these simple things which become over looked. 

Further Considerations The Best Location for a Therapy Business

Be aware of your legal responsibilities. Health and safety risk assessments, PAT testing, correct insurances in place.

Although I would suggest do not get too focused on them but be aware of your competitors in the local area. Especially if you are offering similar services. The aim of your business is to be focused on growing. Not worrying about others. Just being aware also allows you to acknowledge to customers if or when they choose to mention them.

Finally, decide how you are going to set up your business. Are you a sole trader or maybe partner up in a partnership. Even set up as a limited company. All have pros and cons to them. Take the time to discover all the options and choose the best fit.

Ask For Help

If in doubt, ask for help. There is loads of support out there when you need it. At EYC, we would always see asking for help as a strength over a weakness. Also it is normally the quickest and most cost effective way to succeed.

We hope you have found this useful. Take some time to write down your thoughts into a plan. If you need a virtual coffee to support your plan then please just get in touch and get one booked in.

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